Saturday, January 29, 2011

HOMOCON: The Gay Left Responds

NOTE: The following is an update regarding the January 27, 2011 post entitled HOMOCON: GOProud Calls Gay Left "American Taliban"

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Dear Friends,

Whether you are gay or straight, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, we all know that Chris R Barron bears a responsibility in his claims to leadership in the gay community to treat the entire gay community with the same respect he expects to receive.  We also know that if any other public figure were to make the same homophobic comments that he did regarding the gay community that they would be relieved of their post, whether a politician, newscaster, or entertainer. 

Chris R Barron needs to know that just because he is gay also, doesn't mean that he is immune from scrutiny and criticism from the gay community for representing us in a bad light, or for insulting us simply for the sake of the controversy and subsequent publicity it generates for himself.

Let's send GOProud to CPAC on February 10, 2011 with a new attitude towards the gay community at large.  Don't let them go into that lion's den of anti-gay homophobes thinking they've done nothing wrong, and thinking that the gay community stands behind them, nor will we simply sit back and let them get away with insulting and bullying their fellow gays simply for the sake of Chris R Barron's own personal advancement.  If we do, it will only embolden Chris to do so more and more as time goes on.  We need to nip it in the bud TODAY!

Please join me in demanding Chris R Barron either publicly apologizes to the gay community for his unfortunate comments on Twitter, or demanding his resignation from the GOProud Board by emailing GOProud Executive Director, Jimmy LaSalvia at 

Thank you for standing up for your self respect, as well as that of millions of other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people who make up the gay community, and are fighting, bleeding and dying for our equality.

Here is the email I'm sending.  Feel free to simply copy and paste it and send it on:

TO: Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director, GOProud

Dear Jimmy,

It has come to my attention that on January 26, 2011, Chris R Barron, co-founder and fellow Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of GOProud, publicly stated on the social media site, Twitter that "The Gay Left = The American Taliban" and is "one of the most dangerous groups in America."

Chris' offending tweets from Jan 26, 2011 read:
ChrisRBarron The gay left = the American Taliban. Hateful, angry and dumb as shit.
ChrisRBarron Fact: The gay Taliban is one greatest threats facing this country.
I understand Chris R. Barron is gay, but that gives him no right to publicly insult and verbally bully the vast majority of the gay community.  By doing so, I believe he has forfeited his credibility and his standing in the gay community as a self proclaimed leader.

I hereby demand he be held accountable for his respresentation (or in this case MISrepresentation) of the gay community, and that he either publicly apologizes on Twitter, or resigns from the GOProud Board immediately.

Bullying and verbally insulting the gay community is unacceptable, even from a public figure like Mr. Barron who claims to be gay, and claims to represent the gay community's interest at CPAC.  When we turn on each other, we simply give Conservatives of both parties even more reason to view us with dispersion, disrespect and disregard.

Brian Anthony Bowen
Member of the Worldwide Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community
Music Producer, "The Gemini Enterprise: Stellar Trance"
Blogger, "The Gemini Gayzette"
Author of upcoming new book, "The Bed Keeper:  A Biblical Case FOR Gay Marriage"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

HOMOCON:GOProud Calls Gay Left "American Taliban"

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Dear Friends,

The upcoming CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) has generated a fair share of controversy regarding the inclusion of GOProud, an American tax exempt 527 organization "claiming to" represent conservative gays, lesbians, transgendered people, and their allies.  But as a gay man, it's honestly difficult to see how they support any issues that benefit gay, lesbian and transgender people, except perhaps in regards to tax breaks for the wealthiest of us.

I'm originally from Missouri, the Show Me State, and honestly, I have a tough time hearing the word "gay" anytime a group aligns itself with the gay community, without expecting to SEE that group support actual gay issues, mostly concerning equality in employment, marriage, and security for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and our allies.  Clearly a line has been drawn in the sand by Chris R Barron, co-founder and Executive Director of GOProud between the conservatives who happen to be gay, and gays who are fighting for equality.

Ordinarily, it would be easy to dismiss GOProud as just another neo-con group of malcontents who are angry at everything the government stands for, but I also take exception to them pointing to their "uniqueness" as "gay conservatives" and their attempts to paint themselves as not like "those other" gays.  Several recent tweets on Twitter by Chris R Barron has shown him to be little more than a narcissistic attention whore who would sell out his own mother and claim all gays should do the same, just because we're gay.  Recently Chris has demonstrated that he is all too willing to create whatever strife and divisions he can amongst the gay community simply for the sake of creating attention for himself, ala Ann Coulter.  But at least Ann doesn't say "hey, you have to accept this from me, because after all, I'm gay too."  No, she hasn't come out of the closet yet. 

Chris has though, and his attitude toward the gay community, as well as the progress gays have made on the backs of courageous gay people who came before us (and fought and died for equal political representation and legal protection under the law), seems to Chris to be little more than building blocks for his own career as a conservative who finds it possible to be a conservative only if he hates on his fellow gays to (once again), PROVE that he isn't one of "those" gays.  And when it comes to "those" gays who fought for equality in this country, just a few of Chris' recent tweets do indeed prove, that no, he's not one of "those gays", which to me means that no, he's not one of "us."

It would seem that at this point in history when LGBT Freedom fighters in Uganda are being murdered just for being gay, that GOProud and Chris Barron would use their semi-established platforms to denounce the recent murder of David Kato, for example.....but that doesn't get them invited onto CNN or FOX, and those kind of human atrocities only serve to illustrate the massive shortfall between the battle for equality that gays have been giving their very lives for, and the petty money making ponzi scheme that Chris R Barron runs by billing itself as a "gay" organization.  But GOProud isn't a "gay" organization.  It's a "political" one.  It's a "money" one.  It's a "TAX DEDUCTIBLE" one.....but indeed, it's not a "gay" just pretends to be for the attention that the word "gay" gives to any organization in the political arena.

No, GOProud and Chris Barron are not interested in equality, dignity or self respect for gays (or even themselves for that matter).  They are interested only in lining their own wallet by reaching out to the thousands of gay men and women who have been conditioned to believe that whether it's church, family, or politics, the only way they will be accepted as equal is to set themselves apart from those "other gays" any way they can.  Enter Homocon.

Homocon is short for Homosexual Conservatives, a group of wealthy gays who contribute to the conservative cause because to give money to the gay left would be apparently akin to contributing financially to home grown terrorism.  But let's look more closely at some of Chris' own tweets regarding the gay community:

From Jan 26, 2011: ChrisRBarron The gay left = the American Taliban. Hateful, angry and dumb as shit.


ChrisRBarron   Fact: The gay Taliban is one greatest threats facing this country.

So if Chris refers to the majority of the gay community as the "American Taliban" and "the most dangerous group in America" then the truth behind his American 527 tax DEDUCTIBLE income is that neither Chris Barron, nor his idol Andrew Breitbart give a damn about the real issues facing the gay community.  They only care about seeing their names in the press, and do so on the backs of what they now call the "American Taliban."

But there's no need to be alarmed.  I considered not even writing this blog because of the added attention it gives to Chris and his little brood of hypocritical vipers.  But it's important to me that the general gay community know that his homosexual con artists have aligned themselves with the likes of Fox News and Ann Coulter and Andrew Breitbart simply for the sake of the controversy it creates, which translates into more "I can't believe you said that" TV interviews, which translates into more publicity, which then translates into more contributions to Chris' American 527 tax DEDUCTIBLE income.   So in reality, Chris Barron, GOProud and the so called "Gay Conservative Movement" are little more than passing fads.

This my friends, is Homocon:  Conning homosexual people into believing that GOProud is fighting for our interests within conservative political circles while wearing a little red riding hood, collecting money from us, and acting like they're putting together a nice basket of homo goodies for us to enjoy at a great big homo picnic where conservative and liberal gays sit together to sing Kumbaya somewhere over the rainbow, but who later reveal themselves as the big bad wolf in grandma's tired old bed clothes, lying in wait for the next CNN interview.....(emphasis on lying).

Brian Anthony Bowen
Member of the Worldwide Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community
Music Producer, "The Gemini Enterprise: Stellar Trance"
Blogger, "The Gemini Gayzette"
Author of upcoming new book, "The Bed Keeper:  A Biblical Case FOR Gay Marriage"

Saturday, January 15, 2011


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Peace, blessings, love, and music,
Brian Anthony Bowen
Member of the Worldwide Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community
Music Producer, "The Gemini Enterprise: Stellar Trance"
Blogger, "The Gemini Gayzette"
Author of upcoming new book, "The Bed Keeper:  A Biblical Case FOR Gay Marriage"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin Breaks Her Silence: Reading Between the Lines

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Dear Friends,

Today, as if in a trance and reading from a teleprompter, Sarah Palin broke her silence on the tragedy in Tuscon and delivered a prepared speech most likely written by her pastor.  The tone and rhetoric it embodied was not the Sarah Palin we have all come to know and despise.  Let's take a look at what she was saying as we read between the lines (Sarah's Speech in italics):

Like many, I’ve spent the past few days reflecting on what happened and praying for guidance. After this shocking tragedy, I listened at first puzzled, then with concern, and now with sadness, to the irresponsible statements from people attempting to apportion blame for this terrible event.
TRANSLATION:  Don't blame me!

President Reagan said, “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”
TRANSLATION:  Let's spin this to say this is all of America's doing, and not Sarah Palin's gun shooting rhetoric and cross hair target maps.  We've already lied and said that it was never intended to be rifle sights but rather Surveyor's symbols (even though our caption did indeed read): "Don't Retreat, Reload". 
Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own. They begin and end with the criminals who commit them, not collectively with all the citizens of a state, not with those who listen to talk radio, not with maps of swing districts used by both sides of the aisle, not with law-abiding citizens who respectfully exercise their First Amendment rights at campaign rallies, not with those who proudly voted in the last election.
TRANSLATION:  If you're going to blame just Sarah Palin, you have to blame everyone's show I go on to spew my hate filled rhetoric against the Left.
The last election was all about taking responsibility for our country’s future. President Obama and I may not agree on everything, but I know he would join me in affirming the health of our democratic process.
BS ALERT:  I do not think so.  President Obama said in his inaugural address that America no longer believes that Washington works, and judging from the past 2 years, I think America realizes that No, it doesn't work...not like it should.  Don't drag democracy into this, Sarah.  Don't hide behind "oh that's just politics." 
Two years ago his party was victorious. Last November, the other party won. In both elections the will of the American people was heard, and the peaceful transition of power proved yet again the enduring strength of our Republic.
BS ALERT:  The "will" of the America people was NOT heard!  Their voice, however, was.  And the only thing the American people were saying was "WASHINGTON:  ENOUGH ALREADY!"  It was NOT a sign that Republicans had won, but proof that Republicans and Teabaggers had instilled enough fear in the American electorate that a few more votes were cast in more districts that were previously represented in Congress by Democrats.  But that by no means indicates the "will" of the American people was heard, but only their "voice."  There IS a difference!
Vigorous and spirited public debates during elections are among our most cherished traditions.  
TRANSLATION:  Nothing I say is "hate speech" or "inciteful to violence"'s simply "vigorous" and "spirited". 
And after the election, we shake hands and get back to work, and often both sides find common ground back in D.C. and elsewhere.
BS ALERT:  Sarah Palin went back home and quit her job as Governor of Alaska after the election.
If you don’t like a person’s vision for the country, you’re free to debate that vision.
BS ALERT:  Sarah Palin doesn't debate a person's "vision", only the "person."  There IS a difference and the public outcry since the tragedy in Tuscon is proof of that, and Sarah's comment here is proof that she thinks she has all Americans fooled by her selective wording.
If you don’t like their ideas, you’re free to propose better ideas.
BS ALERT:  Sarah has NOT proposed better ideas, and neither has the Republican Party, nor the Tea Party.  They have simply complained about the ideas that Democrats DID have and DID pursue and DID implement in the 111th Congress, arguably the most productive Congress in America's history.  From hate crimes legislation to equal pay for women to health care for all Americans, Democrats stood firm, moved forward and got the job done that we sent them there to do.  Republicans sat on the sidelines and criticized, and the Teabaggers picketed, and used the situation as an opportunity to scare the living daylights out of a swath of the American electorate.  It's always easier to incite hatred and fear than to inspire hope and faith.  But the next 2 years will show us all that's EXACTLY what happened as we can already see that the Party of NO is going to become the party of HELL NO!  No accountability, No responsibility, No ideas.
But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.
BS ALERT:  I hope she includes Fox News and Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck and Sharron Angle and Joe Miller and herself in that comment.  Oh wait!  She said "journalists", so she certainly couldn't be including Fox News, because they aren't really news, just entertainment.  And then she said "pundits" which is what the Republicans call ALL news sources that disagree with them.  Nope, she's not including Fox and Ann and Bill and Glen and Sharron and Joe and herself in that comment.  Big surprise.
There are those who claim political rhetoric is to blame for the despicable act of this deranged, apparently apolitical criminal. And they claim political debate has somehow gotten more heated just recently. But when was it less heated? Back in those “calm days” when political figures literally settled their differences with dueling pistols?
BS ALERT:  That's rich coming from someone whose party has included Sharron Angle's "2nd Amendment Remedies" and warnings that it was hard to buy a gun because the stores were all sold out of them in Nevada.  It's rich coming from someone who is guilty of putting up a map of districts with rifle cross hairs and a caption reading, "Don't Retreat, Reload."  Come on Sarah...the only thing missing is the guns.  Just ask Sharron Angle.

In an ideal world all discourse would be civil and all disagreements cordial. But our Founding Fathers knew they weren’t designing a system for perfect men and women. If men and women were angels, there would be no need for government. Our Founders’ genius was to design a system that helped settle the inevitable conflicts caused by our imperfect passions in civil ways. So, we must condemn violence if our Republic is to endure.
TRANSLATION:  Don't blame Sarah Palin for the Tuscon tragedy....after all, "nobody's perfect."

As I said while campaigning for others last March in Arizona during a very heated primary race, “We know violence isn’t the answer. When we ‘take up our arms’, we’re talking about our vote.”
BS ALERT:  Yes, Sarah you said that, but only AFTER even your fellow Republicans and the ladies on The View were giving you grief about that damn target map way back when you first put it on your website.  And if when you say "take up your arms" you only mean "go out and vote", then why the hell not just say so?  Is your constituency SO ignorant that they don't understand the difference?  We all know damn well you were trying to "rally the troops" and call in "God's Army" and "take our country back" (by force, if necessary).  And I suppose you imagined yourself as some great Christian soldier-type military strategist that was about to pull off a coup and overthrow our government in order to install the theocracy so many of your constituents believe will solve all America's problems. 

Well, Sarah that plan has failed.  Those guns have backfired, misfired and blown up in your face.  Now you have to face the same constituency who blames all Muslims for 9/11 even though it was only carried out by a few extremists and the only thing you have going for you is that you're not a Muslim, but in every other way are indeed an extremist and an alarmist, and the vast majority of Americans have spoken out loudly with this tragedy, YOUR PLAN ISN'T WORKING!
Yes, our debates are full of passion, but we settle our political differences respectfully at the ballot box – as we did just two months ago, and as our Republic enables us to do again in the next election, and the next. That’s who we are as Americans and how we were meant to be. Public discourse and debate isn’t a sign of crisis, but of our enduring strength. It is part of why America is exceptional. 
BS ALERT:  Public discourse and debate are indeed not signs of a crisis, but dirty politicking is.  If a candidate has to resort to the low blow tactics that you employed during your own and during the mid term elections, they are not only out of ideas, at the end of the day, they are also out of ammo and are just shooting off threats, insults, rhetoric and oh yeah! Fear.

No one should be deterred from speaking up and speaking out in peaceful dissent, and we certainly must not be deterred by those who embrace evil and call it good.
TRANSLATION:  My map with cross hair targets and the caption that read "Don't Retreat, Reload" is evil, but I'm calling it good.
And we will not be stopped from celebrating the greatness of our country and our foundational freedoms by those who mock its greatness by being intolerant of differing opinion and seeking to muzzle dissent with shrill cries of imagined insults.
BS ALERT:  This is rich coming from someone who represents a party who seeks to mock our country's greatness by 1. considering Sarah Palin as qualified to be President, 2. by being intolerant of differing opinions and 3. by seeking to muzzle dissent with shrill cries of imagined FEARS.

Just days before she was shot, Congresswoman Giffords read the First Amendment on the floor of the House. It was a beautiful moment and more than simply “symbolic,” as some claim, to have the Constitution read by our Congress. I am confident she knew that reading our sacred charter of liberty was more than just “symbolic.” But less than a week after Congresswoman Giffords reaffirmed our protected freedoms, another member of Congress announced that he would propose a law that would criminalize speech he found offensive.
TRANSLATION:  I don't think shouting "FIRE" in a crowded theater should be outlawed if it means more people vote for Sarah Palin, and I will oppose any effort by the Left to stifle hate speech toward homosexuals, because that's the biggest pull when it comes to getting lazy Teabaggers off their couches and into the voting booths, because let's face it, they sure aren't showing up for the awesome ideas that Republicans and Teabaggers [don't] bring to the table.
It is in the hour when our values are challenged that we must remain resolved to protect those values. Recall how the events of 9-11 challenged our values and we had to fight the tendency to trade our freedoms for perceived security. And so it is today.
TRANSLATION:  If I can't scare the hell out of a certain number of Americans, then they won't vote for me!!!

Let us honor those precious lives cut short in Tucson by praying for them and their families and by cherishing their memories. Let us pray for the full recovery of the wounded. And let us pray for our country. In times like this we need God’s guidance and the peace He provides. We need strength to not let the random acts of a criminal turn us against ourselves, or weaken our solid foundation, or provide a pretext to stifle debate.
TRANSLATION:  PLEASE don't blame me and my political rhetoric of fear and conquer and divide political strategy, because that's the only reason people vote for me anyway!!!

America must be stronger than the evil we saw displayed last week. We are better than the mindless finger-pointing we endured in the wake of the tragedy. We will come out of this stronger and more united in our desire to peacefully engage in the great debates of our time, to respectfully embrace our differences in a positive manner, and to unite in the knowledge that, though our ideas may be different, we must all strive for a better future for our country. May God bless America.
BS ALERT:  Sarah Palin's target map was NOT a "respectful embrace of differences in a positive manner" may very well have gotten many folks shot.

Brian Anthony Bowen
Member of the Worldwide Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community
Music Producer, "The Gemini Enterprise: Stellar Trance"
Blogger, "The Gemini Gayzette"
Author of upcoming new book, "The Bed Keeper:  A Biblical Case FOR Gay Marriage"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Battle Over Gun Laws

The tragedy in Tuscon has sparked yet another debate in this country regarding the 2nd Amendment rights for all Americans to keep and bear arms.  The Right continues its drum beat sermon that demands that any and all forms of guns should be permitted entry into our general society.  The Left continues to simply ask that we limit the types of guns allowed.  I think there is room for compromise.

There are certain aspects of this debate that have gone missing from the conversation.  As a Democrat and as someone who would prefer that an unstable person be limited to 6 rounds of ammunition instead of 600, I am a strong advocate for limiting handguns to law enforcement officials, while permitting rifles and shotguns for hunting to the general public.  Of course the Right balks at this idea, but somehow I'm just certain that none of them have ever been involved in a mass shooting.

Here is something to consider:  we don't allow the general public to have the codes to our nuclear arsenals.  The Right's logic would dictate that anyone who wanted to should have the right to build a missile silo on their property and fire it off any old time they wanted, provided they have a permit.  Other forms of arms we don't allow into the general public are chemical weapons, tanks, surface to air missiles, and various other forms of weapons of mass destruction.  But mention it to their face, and the Right would surely say, "Oh don't be ridiculous."  I couldn't agree more.

To decry the Left's attempts to curb gun violence in this country by continuing to push for more and more access to more and more weapons of mass destruction such as Glocks, AK47's, and M16's continues to paint the Right as the radical group of political panderers and fearmongerers they are in this country today.  It continues to paint a large swath of the American public as unable to discuss their way to an agreement, and instead settle every conflict with a gun.  I thought American men had more balls (and brains) than that, but perhaps I have overestimated many of them.

I've been astonished at the level of blatant ignorant rhetoric on the part of members of the Right who say that if Congresswoman Giffords had possession of a handgun herself, that she would not have been shot.  How unrealistic to think that she would be able to even aim at someone who shot her from behind.  How unrealistic to think that just owning a gun would have prevented the tragic shooting of the additional 19 victims in the tragedy.  As the Right would say to me if I were to suggest that all Americans should be given access to hand grenades and missile launchers, "Oh that's ridiculous."  Again, I would agree.

There are others who have astonished me even more saying that we don't need to control the types of guns the general public is allowed access to because after all, they can always use a knife.  But come on folks.  How is a knife going to stop a madman from spraying a crowd full of bullets from a semi automatic weapon?  Again I say, "Oh that's ridiculous."

Let's be honest America.  Our founding fathers only knew of canons and muskets in the days of the Constitutional Congress.  They certainly never authorized private citizens to own canons.  However, they realized that at that time, many Americans hunted for their food, and that an unarmed citizenry could be left vulnerable to a rogue government commanding a rogue army to attack America's own citizens, and felt that all citizens should have some way to protect themselves.

I say if the Right insists on pursuing this line of allowing the easy access to semi automatic weapons and ammunition to a free society with a fair share of mentally unstable people, then perhaps Sarah Palin's little map isn't to blame for the Tuscon tragedy after least not entirely.

Brian Anthony Bowen
Member of the Worldwide Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community
Music Producer, "The Gemini Enterprise: Stellar Trance"
Blogger, "The Gemini Gayzette"
Author of upcoming new book, "The Bed Keeper:  A Biblical Case FOR Gay Marriage"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sarah Palin's Crosshair Target Map and Homophobia

Please help spread the word.  CPAC meets in only 8 more days on February 10-12, 2011.  Please feel free to RT this article on Twitter and/or email to your friends. 

If you are a reporter or blogger, feel free to republish as is, or make it your own. 

Dear Friends,

First, I add my prayers and condolences to all the families and loved ones of those who were injured or killed yesterday during Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' "Capital On Your Corner" event.  The internet has been set alight with people drawing parallels between Sarah Palin's Target Map with Gabby's name as a target and the shooting that took place, and for good reason.

Much as homophobia works on the minds of people, so too did the political rhetoric finally work on the mind of someone most likely very unstable, and the result was a blood bath.  Homophobia, like Sarah Palin and the Tea Party's heated and hate filled rhetoric share many traits.

Just as when one person begins making homophobic comments, it gives someone else "permission" to use them as well.  Just as one person quotes the Bible and says that gay people should be put to death, it gives others an "excuse" to kill or gay bash lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender people.  The same is true of racism, and all other hate crimes.  Because hate crimes begin with people spewing hate speech.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, but if left unchecked and coupled with ignorance, it can and often leads to grave results involving people being injured or killed.  It happened for nearly 4 centuries against blacks, and for nearly as long against most immigrants to this country.  It has happened to gay people since even longer than that, and in many places all over the globe.  Permission to hate another person is permission to injur or kill another person.  That's why hate speech is so dangerous, no matter who its directed at, and no matter what it's disguised as. 

We saw its affects on Matthew Shephard whose attackers were quoted as saying "Matthew Shephard HAD to die" [because he was gay].  We see the affects on the school grounds in the form of gay bullying.  The children who bully have parents who spew hate speech about homosexual people and suddenly the kids have "permission" to bully a kid they perceive to be gay at school.  In the most tragic cases, the bullying often carries over into gay people taking their own lives, rather than to endure more bullying.....and for what?  Hate speech.

Most often, in cases with the Tea Party, the hate speech against political opponents is often disguised as "concern for our country" and "taking America back" and "taxed enough already."  

In cases with homophobia, the hate speech is disguised as "truth" and "God's Words" and "it's in the Bible".  In both cases hate is simply given a shiny coat of paint and called by another name.

So when social and political progressives see it for what it is and say so, the right gets defensive.  Most often this is because their defense is shattered, their veil pulled back, and their evil speech revealed in the light of day.   That isn't to say that social and political progressives aren't capable of hate speech themselves...they are.  But let's be honest.  In the case of Congresswoman Giffords, the right bears a certain amount of responsibility, just as they do for the countless gay bashings and killings in not only this country, but in countries all around the world.

It's time for people of conscience to call hate for what it is, no matter what disguise it takes on, and its time for those responsible for it to own up and apologize for it when they are called on it.  The right only continues to make each other look worse in the eyes of progressives when they spend so much time spewing hate speech, and so much more time trying to act like the resulting actions of those influenced by their hate speech isn't "really" their fault.

But it is......and they know it.

Brian Anthony Bowen
Member of the Worldwide Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community
Music Producer, "The Gemini Enterprise: Stellar Trance"
Blogger, "The Gemini Gayzette"
Author of upcoming new book, "The Bed Keeper:  A Biblical Case FOR Gay Marriage"

Friday, January 7, 2011

GOProud, Ann Coulter and Lamestream Humor

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If you are a reporter or blogger, feel free to republish as is, or make it your own. 


Dear Friends,

They say that as a gay man, I shouldn't criticize the gay community, especially when it comes to politics.  But as a proud American first, and a gay man second, I feel it is my duty to speak out on matters that affect me first as an American, and secondly as a gay man.  Today, I speak out against recent events concerning GOProud, certain members of their Board of Directors, and GOProud members' recent Twitter activity.

GOProud bills itself as a political action committee to give voice to gay Republican conservatives and their allies.  Their participation at CPAC has drawn fire from many CPAC members who believe GOProud should not have a seat at a politically conservative event.  On one hand, it is encouraging to see at least a few prominent and extremely anti-gay organizations refuse to attend CPAC as a protest, because it means CPAC becomes just a little less virilently anti-gay.  On the other hand, as various members of CPAC continue to decide for themselves whether or not to attend the convention this year, it appears that GOProud has made enemies on both sides of the political aisle; first with conservative Republicans protesting their attendance at CPAC, and now with gay Democrats like myself who oppose their representation of the gay community as a whole.

Personally, I am disheartened and disappointed that after finally repealing DADT, GOProud has taken it upon itself to start a contest on the social networking site, Twitter. 

The contest:  The best "Homo Hamas Tweet" on Twitter, where posters attempt to come up with the most humorous combinations of the gay community and Hamas, an international terrorist organization that has thwarted peace in the Middle East and killed, maimed and continues to imperil thousands of US and allied armed forces for many years now.

The prize:  An Ann Coulter mug or poster. 

With the recent controversy of O. P. Honors' XO homophobic films being broadcast to US military service members aboard the USS Enterprise, and his subsequent demotion for conduct unbecoming an officer, it seems that GOProud would apply a double standard when it comes to political action committees alleging to support the gay community while engaging in the same tomfoolery when it comes to the US military.

Before writing this article, I contacted GOProud directly via Twitter and attempted to encourage them to police themselves in this matter, but to no avail.  So I share now with you what I find so disappointing about their little contest on Twitter, and hope you'll draw your own conclusions on whether you approve of them or not.  I encourage you to direct your comments toward them at their Twitter account at @GOProud with #homohamas in the message so it shows up in the appropriate topic page.

The contest was held on January 6, 2011 wherein members of GOProud were encouraged to present their best and funniest "homohamas" tweets.  I share with you a few that gave me reason to pause:

From various posters:

"Who wouldn't get behind a religion that puts you on your knees 5 times a day!?

"La cage aux fatwah"

"Lady Gaga is TOTES gonna wear a meat burqa to the next awards ceremony."

"I am dying the see the Men of Al-Qaeda singing YMCA & I Will Survive on Karaoke night!"

"This months Advocate cover? Men of Al-Queda"

"Rainbow Flag over Mecca"

"On the cover of JustUsBoys: House Ji-hotties , BelAmi's latest film series "

"Leather Suicide vests, on sale"

"the GOP Queens of the Desert"

"72 Chippendales in Heaven upon death."

"Terrorist pronouncements no longer read by boring old guys on Al Jazeera but by Nathan Lane on the Logo Network!"

"Check out the new pink-camo AK47 with rainbow carry strap!"

"Does he know about our secret plan to to change military uniforms to include pink turbans?"

"Suicide bombers would have made the Stonewall Riots a lot more interesting"

"Suicide Bomb Unit had to be disbanded because not even Allah could guarantee enough gay-male virgins"

"Queer As Fatwa"

"Suicide Bomb Unit gives new meaning to song "It's Raining Men"

"Dude, that boa makes you look fatwah!  but for hiding suicide bombs ... it's FABULOUS"

"tweet contest is hilarious and super gay"

"Idea for name for new Muslim gay bar @ Ground Zero: Ramadan Inn"

"Its raining shrapnel, glitter, and men"

From GOProud's own account:

"Everybody join in our HomoHamas game!...Let's hear your tweets!"

"The HomoHamas tweet contest ends at 12 pm ET. 20 minutes to try to win an Ann Coulter poster or mug!"

""Dirty bombs" hidden in big gay picnic baskets!"

"We just can't wait for the CPAC11 pat-downs!"

"Manicures and pedicures are mandatory at at GOProud terrorist training camps!"

"We're having terrorist drag queens in rainbow burqas at our CPAC11 booth!"

"Rosie and Osama are playing grenade toss out back, while Ellen gives Ahmadinejad a facial."

"Osama just got a makeover on Queer Eye for the Jihad Guy!"

"Bin Laden - The Terrorist Judy Garland!"

"Sunni & Cher"

"The Real Housewives of Tehran!"

"We're here, we're queer, we may be suicide bombers!"

From GOProud's Co-Chair, Chris R. Barron:

"Who knew Sharia law was so Fabulous?!"

"P-town is so passe. This year we're summering in Fallujah!"


As you can see, there are some genuine attempts at humor here.  I don't believe anyone posting these had any intention of offending Muslims, or of putting our brave men and women in uniform in more danger than they are already in.  But when does joking about raining shrapnel, labeling gays as suicide bombers and accusing them of hiding dirty bombs, and being secret terrorist drag queens cross the line from humor into hate speech directed AT the gay community FROM the gay community? 

But here's my real question:  Is this the kind of organization we want representing the gay community at a rabidly anti-gay event such as CPAC?  Is this the kind of organization CPAC wants representing Republicans?  I think the answer to both questions would be a resounding NO.

And here's the real concern I have:  What is it about GOProud members that makes them believe that so soon after the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, and during a time where we have soldiers in harms way that it's okay to joke about either situation?  In light of the recent controversy surrounding the USS Enterprise videos, where does GOProud come off thinking its okay for them to make insensitive comments regarding the armed forces, but not okay for members of the armed forces to make insensitive comments regarding the gay community?

And where is Ann Coulter in all this?  If she is so quick to attend a GOProud fundraiser (for a small fee, of course), why isn't she distancing herself from a group who so clearly has their interests set on simply being disruptive without actually accomplishing anything for conservative Republicans nor the gay community?

Could it be that she's just in it for the money?

Brian Anthony Bowen
Member of the Worldwide Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community
Music Producer, "The Gemini Enterprise: Stellar Trance"
Blogger, "The Gemini Gayzette"
Author of upcoming new book, "The Bed Keeper:  A Biblical Case FOR Gay Marriage"